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Evoke Your Childhood- Things To Get You Feeling Nostalgic


Evok is a Hebrew word that means "to call forth" or "to recall." It may also refer to bringing anything to light that is concealed, latent, or reserved. Nostalgia is a strong emotion. When we recall a happy memory from our past, especially from our childhood, it gives us a sensation of nostalgia and sentimental desire. Reflecting on past experiences may often lift our spirits and alleviate stress. When people are lonely, nostalgia has been shown to help them feel valued and loved, as well as improve their perceptions of social support.

Development Of Childhood Memory

Childhood memory study is relatively new, having attracted major scientific attention just in the last two decades. Several ideas have been presented, but newer research reveals that even very young toddlers remember unusual situations and that these events may be remembered in depth from the age of two and a half.

According to a previous study, children remember bits and pieces of information from individual experiences but do not retain episodic memories in general. A new study has found that children may recall particular episodic experiences for up to two years before the commencement of the earliest autobiographical memories recalled by adults, contrary to previous findings. The same study refutes Freud's claim that negative emotional content causes early memories to be suppressed.

How Does It Feel To Evoke Your Childhood Memories

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Childhood is defined as the "intertwining of imagination and memory," through which we build pictures. They become a natural part of our existence, but they remain dormant and buried until we reach maturity. These visions can be restored to our souls and relieved through words or images that remember and connect with these early childhood reverie images that are buried deep in our memories.

These early childhood memories are more timeless images, such as "climbing a tree and swaying in its branches on a cool summer's eve, feeling joined to wind and sky and expecting to soar to the heavens at any moment I choose," than specific memories, such as "staying with grandmother, a historical fact retold by one's family." This artwork conjures "permanent infancy" and transports one back to a revitalised feeling of self and opportunity when everything was a source of surprise and amazement. From a soul "bestowing a gift" upon the universe, emerges the re-created world of the imagination.

Things That Evoke Your Childhood Memories

Many of us would have experienced that coming across a certain fragrance, road, place or some person may create some sensational sense in oneself and he feels that he has some kind of deep feeling about that particular thing that is related to childhood.

There are many memories related to our childhood that strike our mind and evoke that child inside us that has been put to sleep due to the busy life and problems we face in our life when we are grown up. Some powerful feelings that play with our memories and bring back the old little kid from within us are as follows.

Visiting the grandparents' home: Taking a drive or a walk around your grandparents' home or to some old neighborhood would almost certainly evoke old feelings and recollections from your childhood.

Listening to Old Music: Listening to childhood music may take you back to your youth. It may be a song from a movie you liked, a musical, or even a song from your school days.

Old Games: Watching your children playing some old game and memorizing that you also used to play that game in your childhood.

Looking at some old Photographs: I consider it one of the most powerful things that evoke your childhood. (Even today a picture of my childhood, when I was just 3 years old and smiling with my elder brother, is displayed as wallpaper on my PC).

Fragrances: Smell some specific fragrances that you used to like in your childhood. Maybe you still like it or maybe not. But in both cases that fragrance pushes you hard back into your childhood when you smell it.

Some Action: Your child or someone’s making some foolish action or saying something before you that you have done in your childhood.

Can Childhood Memories Be Retrieved?

People may recall at least some childhood memories by reacting to particular prompts—for example, recalling the first remembrance connected with some phrase or by envisioning a house, school, or other location associated with a given age.

Why Childhood Memories Are The Best?

According to a new study published by the American Psychological Association, people who have happy childhood memories, particularly of their interactions with their parents, have better health, less depression, and fewer chronic diseases as adults.


When you're a kid, everything is different: the trees are taller, the colors are brighter, and each new day is more exciting than the last. Even more crucially, certain events that had occurred before have remained in our memories for a long time - in fact, they may remain with us till our last breath.

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