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4 Fun Workshops You Should Try In Hong Kong Right Now!


If you want to learn new skills while learning about Hong Kong culture from a local perspective, there are a number of fun workshops in Hong Kong available across the city.

Workshops, as opposed to ongoing classes, are generally a one-time learning event where you may gain hands-on experience and instruction while practicing a certain skill.

While the fast-paced environment drives us to use social media to stay connected to our business and community, it's always essential to strike a decent work-life balance and set aside time for ourselves.

Chinese Tea Tasting And Appreciation

Tea is a staple beverage in Chinese cuisine, particularly in Hong Kong's yum cha culture. The tea tasting and dim sum matching lesson at Ming Cha Teahouse is a great way to learn more about tea flavors and which teas go best with dim sum. Four different types of tea are available, each coupled with a dim sum and steamed rice meal with toppings prepared by a local chef. You may practice using chopsticks and learn about yum cha customs.

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Mosaic lamp Hong Kong
Mosaic lamp Hong Kong

Mosaic Art

Mosaic art is the technique of making pictures out of tiny pieces of smooth-colored stone or glass. Mosaic art may be defined as an image or design made out of tiny pieces of colored glass, stone, or other materials. This ancient art style has been practiced continuously since roughly 600BC.

Mosaics have been a part of urban life for thousands of years, from the floors of ancient Pompeii to the walls of the Hong Kong subway and on Lovemiehk you'll get to try them out for yourself or with your family and friends. You can check here how to create and take home a gorgeous, luminescent mosaic lamp that will glitter with reflection and refraction of light, both from the inside and out.

Mahjong workshop in Hong Kong
Mahjong workshop in Hong Kong

Mahjong Lessons And Tile Colouring

Mahjong is a national treasure of China. It's a numerical and symbol-based brain teaser game that assesses both skill and luck. Depending on how individuals play, it may potentially entail gambling. Mahjong can help you improve your probability thinking, problem-solving, and patience abilities. It's a terrific pastime for gathering, conversing, and spending time together with a minimum of four and a maximum of six participants.

In Hong Kong, mahjong tile production has traditionally been a prized traditional skill. You may personalize your own copies of the popular game tiles at Karen Aruba Studio, choosing from a variety of themes and phrases.

Chinese Calligraphy And Ink Painting

Chinese calligraphy is the practice of writing Chinese characters in an artistic manner with ink on a brush. This strategy is a significant way of expressing respect for traditional Chinese culture, art, and history. Chinese calligraphy is divided into five distinct styles: Zuan, Li, Tsao, Hsin, and Kai.

With the passage of time, these styles have evolved and diverged. Spring Festival couplets, a traditional type of Chinese calligraphy, are an excellent method to learn. People create couplets to convey their blessings and hopes for the next year during the New Year. Ink drawings in China are similar to calligraphy in principle, but they represent mountains, flowers, animals, and buildings.

Workshop in HK
Workshop in HK

What Is The Purpose Of A Workshop?

The workshop serves as a forum for debate and problem-solving. The workshop's objective is to give training to participants by presenting speakers who are experts in their disciplines, based on this role.

What Makes A Good Workshop?

Effective workshops actively engage participants and allow them to learn from one another while also making progress in applying what they've learned in the workshop to their own teaching settings. Rather of teaching the workshop, the conveners should enable it.

What Did You Learn From Workshop?

After a successful workshop you will discover just how enjoyable learning about new ideas and processes can be, but more importantly, you will have gained knowledge that could instantly set you apart from the crowd. Moreover, you will be able to take what you learned back to your peers and pass along that knowledge.

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